Travel insurance will protect you and your family against illness, accidents, theft, lost luggage, unavoidable holiday cancellations and more.

You may be a frequent traveller to far-flung destinations or you may take one trip abroad every year. You may have experienced an illness or accident on holiday or heard stories of friends and family who have required medical attention, whilst travelling.

The cost of hospital treatment, whilst on holiday, can be extortionate and if you don’t have the right insurance cover in place you could be seriously out of pocket or, in the worst case, a hospital could refuse to treat you.

For any travel plans that you have it is advisable to take out travel insurance to provide cover for you and your family for illness, accidents, theft, lost luggage, and any unavoidable holiday cancellations.

A Typical Package

A typical Travel insurance package will include the following covers:

The cancellation and curtailment section of a travel insurance policy provides cover if you need to cancel your holiday before you depart or cut short your holiday whilst you are abroad due to various reasons, which will be specified in the terms and conditions.

This provides insurance cover for the cost of emergency medical treatment overseas, and if necessary your repatriation back to the UK if you are unable to travel on your pre-arranged transport.

Your travel insurance policy will usually include an element of personal accident cover. This means that if you sustain bodily injury whilst you are on holiday, due to an accident, which directly results within in your death or permanent disablement you should receive a benefit payment as specified in the policy terms and conditions.

Baggage cover covers you for the accidental loss, damage or theft of your baggage and personal possessions, up to the amount specified.

This provides cover if your outbound or inbound international journey is delayed, due to various reasons such as strikes and industrial action, adverse weather, and mechanical breakdown.

Travel delay cover provides a fixed benefit, designed to cover the cost of additional expenses such as food and drink whilst you wait at the airport.

If you are delayed by more than 24 hours you may have the option to abandon your holiday and make a claim for any unrecoverable costs up to the amount specified in the policy.

This provides cover if you must claim compensation or damages from another person due to something that happened whilst you were away on holiday and it will usually include the appointment of a lawyer on your behalf who will defend your legal rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the most common questions we get asked below.

Will my travel insurance cost more depending on where I travel to?The cost of the insurance cover may vary according to destination. However, your insurance policy may be bought on a worldwide basis or it can be limited to certain locations, such as the UK or Europe. In addition to this your travel cover can be extended to include winter sports and cruises etc.

Speak to a member of the Allied Insurance Services team for advice on the most cost-effective and comprehensive travel insurance package for your needs.

I am travelling abroad more than once this year. Will I need to purchase more than one travel insurance policy?Cover may be bought for individual trips or as an annual policy for more frequent travellers, where there are often additional policy benefits.

What is a pre-existing medical condition, and will my travel insurance policy cover me for it? A pre-existing medical condition usually means any medical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received.

If in doubt and if you have any questions regarding a pre-existing medical condition, speak to a member of the Allied Insurance Services team for advice, as if your pre-existing medical condition is not declared on a travel insurance policy, the entire cover may be void and would not pay out in the event of a claim.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and are declined cover, have exclusions for this pre-existing medical condition, or are required to pay an additional premium of £100 or more to cover the pre-existing medical condition, we would advise there is a directory of providers which specialise in covering more serious medical conditions and may offer you a better outcome:

A link to the directory can be found by clicking here.

Will my travel insurance policy cover me for day trips and excursions?Most insurance policies will cover you for day trips and excursions. To be certain check with your Allied Insurance Services account executive, as if you are planning to travel to another country as part of your holiday there may be conditions or limits to your cover.

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