Property Owners (Commercial & Residential)

Commercial property insurance can be created as an individual policy or can include a combination of commercial and residential. If you have one commercial property to let or an entire portfolio, we will have the policy for you.

As a commercial proprietor, you know that the protection of your properties is paramount, and it is essential that you receive a regular rental income to maintain your business.

We can accommodate all manner of commercial premises ranging from high-risk locations, such as multi-tenure and unoccupied premises, through to the more traditional locations, such as offices (individual and blocks), retail premises, manufacturing premises, warehouses, and leisure premises.

A Typical Package

A typical Property Owners insurance package will include the following covers:

Buildings insurance cover will include, all risks cover including subsidence, replacement locks if keys are stolen, cover for burst pipes, cover for permanent fittings in the home and alternative accommodation in the event of a claim that prevents you from living at home.

Public and products liability cover protects you, your products and your business against personal injury or loss of your client’s property while you work.

Employers’ liability insurance, will protect you and your employees, should they become injured whilst working for you. It will also cover you against potential compensation claims from employees who have been injured or who have become seriously ill, as a result of working for you.

Landlord’s contents insurance cover, covers you for the repair or replacement of household items in a rental property if they are damaged or destroyed and it usually covers things like soft furnishings, furniture, and appliances belonging to the landlord.

Loss of rent cover protects you if in the event of a crisis your tenants need to move out of your property. The insurance pays out in the event of a claim for loss or damage caused, for example by fire or flood, that means your tenants can no longer stay in the property.

Legal expenses insurance is available in many forms and is designed to help protect businesses, employees, families, and landlords. If you or your business could face legal disputes including employment and contract disputes, tax investigations, or you need a legal defence, you should consider legal expenses insurance to protect you against potentially significant costs arising from a variety of legal disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the most common questions we get asked below.

If my premises become unoccupied what should I do?You must inform insurers, as failure to do so could result in cover not being provided in the event of a claim

I have a commercial property that is let out to a card retailer. This business is to be replaced by an off license. Is this relevant?Yes. Any change of tenancy must be informed to insurers so that they can identify the risk posed to a new tenant.

If my premises burn down, how long should I insure rental income for?A building may take some time to reinstate, dependent on the size and complexity of the premises but we would always recommend the minimum of 24 months, even with a domestic location.

My current insurers refuse to provide flood insurance as it is in a flood zone. Can you help? Yes. Very often we can obtain quotes for flood zones as government assistance has been provided for properties within these locations.

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