The hospitality sector is a broad one and it applies to businesses that look to meet a leisure service whilst providing customer satisfaction.

If you work within the hospitality sector you rely on your customers being happy by providing them with a safe and risk-free service and environment.

In the hospitality sector, uninterrupted services and operations are essential, and if things go wrong, businesses need to ensure that they have the right insurance protection in place, so that they can be up and running, and quickly!

At Allied Insurance Services, we provide insurance packages for a range of businesses in the hospitality sector including hotels, guesthouses, pubs, restaurants, takeaways, and Air bnb hosts.

If you are a hotel owner or if you run a guesthouse, there are several fundamentals to your business. The most important are your staff, your guests, your property, and your income. An Allied insurance policy for your hotel or guesthouse, will put these fundamentals at the centre of your cover, and we will ensure that your business is protected.

Alternatively, if your business is a pub, restaurant, or take away, we can provide the right type of insurance cover to protect you and your thriving business. We will arrange the right protection for you, so that you can get on with running your business.

For Airbnb hosts, we have a team of Airbnb insurance experts who can ensure that your property is covered at an affordable price. If you are already a host or are considering becoming a host, speak to Allied to ensure that your insurance cover really does protect you and your property against all eventualities.

A Typical Package

A typical Hospitality insurance package will include the following covers:

Buildings insurance cover will include, all risks cover including subsidence, replacement locks, if keys are stolen, cover for burst pipes, cover for permanent fittings in your property and alternative accommodation in the event of a claim.

Contents insurance cover includes, accidental damage cover for all contents, including contents in the garden, all risks cover for items taken away from the property and deterioration of frozen food.

Employers liability insurance covers your legal liability for injury to employees, incurred during their employment

Public/products liability insurance covers your legal liability to pay compensation for injury to third parties or damage to a third parties’ property

Business interruption insurance provides cover for loss of profit because of a material damage claim at your premises and the following interruption to the day to day running of your business.

Money covers insurance protects you against theft of money at your business premises, at home, or in transit

Cyber and data breach insurance will provide your business with financial protection from, system downtime following a cyber attack, regulatory awards and fines or penalties imposed against you for data breaches. It also covers potential third-party damages and the costs associated with an investigation in relation to a potential cyber attack, data breach or notification.

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Goods in transit covers loss of or damage to stock whilst in transit, or whilst being loaded and unloaded.

Refrigerated stock insurance covers you for the loss or damage to refrigerated stock.

There are three essential elements to running a hotel or guesthouse and these are your property, your customers, and your employees. There are many risks facing your business and these include financial damages resulting from a fire or flood, injury caused to one of your guests or an injury or accident affecting an employee.

There are many typical types of cover that Allied Insurance Services provide as standard, for hotels and guesthouses. These include, buildings and contents cover, business interruption, money, employers and public liability, loss of license, guest’s personal effects and cover for legal expenses.

Your hotel or guesthouse is unique, and no two hotels are the same. You will have different requirements to other hotels and guesthouses; the numbers of rooms, staff, type of food served, the type of building, and more. These factors will all affect your risk and the cover that you need.

There are many, varied risks associated with restaurant and takeaway businesses, ranging from food poisoning outbreaks through to fire and theft. These risks can result in financial loss, litigation and even the loss of your business.

Allied Insurance Services have a range of restaurant and take away insurance schemes to cover single premises through to large chains with multiple locations. There are standard commercial insurances along with more flexible and specialised cover, all tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Host protection insurance will protect you if the holidaymakers residing in your property throw a wild party, steal your possessions, or trash your home.

The standard Allied host protection insurance policy includes property owner’s liability up to £5,000,000, malicious damage, 24-hour home emergency cover, legal expenses, and optional accidental damage cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the most common questions we get asked below.

As an Airbnb Host, am I covered by the standard ‘Host Protection’ via the Airbnb website?Airbnb hosts are offered ‘Host Protection’ on the Airbnb website. This is not, however, an insurance policy and only provides you with some of the cover you might get from a standard property owners liability insurance. It is not the tailored insurance policy that you will need to ensure you and the homes that you look after are protected.

If a customer has food poisoning whilst staying at my hotel, am I covered?Yes. Your Public Liability Insurance cover will protect you against a claim, should a customer experience food poisoning whilst staying with you.

Am covered if I keep cash on my premises?Yes. You are covered to keep cash on your premises during business hours. However, this is usually up to a certain limit, and your cover is then reduced if the cash is kept on your premises overnight, unless it is kept within an approved locked safe.

Am I insured for live performances at my establishmentNo. Unless you have an agreed extension to your insurance in advance for the live performance. The extension needs to cover the maximum number of attendees at the performance and pre-approval by the insurer is required. Allied can help you with this.

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